Moving in the Right Direction: Cocrystals and the FDA

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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products — Part I

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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products — Part II

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Free CLE Class:
Patents for the Non-Patent Attorney
4:00-5:00 PM
August 28, 2019
201 Main St.
lafayette, IN 47901
Looking to fulfill your CLE credit requirements? Barash Law LLC is hosting a complimentary CLE class on August 28th at Star City Coffee in Lafayette from 4:00-5:00pm. Eyal Barash will discuss the basics of patent law, including components of a patent, what qualifies an invention for patentability, and some real-world applications. The class is limited to 15, so reserve a spot today at Coffee and other refreshments will be provided.
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8th Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference
Westin Arlington Gateway
September 23-24, 2019
801 N Glebe rd
Arlington, va 22203
Eyal Barash of Barash Law LLC will be speaking and exhibiting at the 8th annual Drug Repositioning Conference in Washington D.C. on September 23rd-24th on drug repositioning with solid forms such as cocrystals, salts, and polymorphs and how to protect such forms with robust IP.
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What is a solid form?

A solid form is the solid representation of a chemical compound.  Examples include polymorphs, salts, solvates, hydrates, cocrystals, and amorphous solids.

Why patent solid forms?

Solid forms are compositions of matter and Orange-Book listable as drug substance.  When the science is right, patenting follows.

How do you patent a solid form?

The same rules apply to solid forms as to any other inventions.  Careful attention should be paid to the kinds and quality of data used in solid form patents.


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